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The CleanSeal® Certification

Submission for testing

Product for testing must be submitted to:

The WoolSafe Organisation
49 Boroughgate
LS21 1AG UK.

Products sent from outside the UK should be marked as having no commercial value and the purpose of import stated as "testing to destruction". Commodity code: 340 220 9000

Submissions must be accompanied by:

  • the relevant material safety data sheets and full application instructions ;
  • any special equipment needed for the correct application of the product and which is not available in the WoolSafe Test Laboratory;
  • fully completed "Submission for Product Testing" form
  • the fee for the screening tests.

Screening tests

All submitted products will first be subjected to a series of screening tests to assess whether or not they meet the primary CleanSeal® requirements.

When products pass the screening tests

If the products meet these requirements further performance certification tests will be carried out.

In case a product fails the screening tests

If a product fails to meet the performance requirements all is by no means lost.

You will be informed by means of a Screening Test Report that has the details of the tests carried out. You will then be invited to review and modify the formulation in such a way that it would conform to the CleanSeal® performance standards.


Full CleanSeal® evaluation testing usually takes 5 - 10 working days from receipt of the samples.


Formulations and manufacturing details of all submitted products are treated with the utmost confidentiality. The WoolSafe Organisation will only provide information about the results of the tests carried out on the products to their manufacturer or supplier.

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