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The CleanSeal® Certification

CleanSeal® testing and certification is available world-wide for all products used to maintain or enhance synthetic fibre floor coverings and furnishing fabrics.

The test methods for evaluating these products are based on internationally used standards and protocols. They are detailed in WoolSafe Standard WS 1003, Test methods for the evaluation of the performance and safety of carpet maintenance products.

Eligible products

All types of product intended for the cleaning, maintenance or enhancement of synthetic fibre textile floor coverings and furnishing fabrics are included in the programme:

  • Carpet cleaning chemicals including
    • pre-spotters and traffic lane cleaners
    • cleaning agent additives
    • shampoos, bonnet cleaning and spray extraction detergents
    • crystallising/encapsulating cleaning agents
    • impregnated compound ('dry extraction' cleaner) formulations
    • 3-in-1 machine detergents and in-plant detergents
  • Spot and stain removal products
  • Soil retardant and stain resist finishes
  • Pile rinsing and neutralising agents, deodorizers, antistatic and insect resist agents.

Tests applicable to different product types

Details of the CleanSeal® product performance requirements and tests used are provided to enable product suppliers to assess, prior to submission, whether or not the products being considered are likely to meet WoolSafe Standard WS 1011.

All products are evaluated for:

  • Presence of oxidising agents
  • Presence of optical brighteners
  • pH
  • Buffering
  • Effect on colour fastness of floor coverings
  • (Re-)soiling characteristics
  • Hazards and other safety aspects (e.g. flammability)
  • Clarity of application instructions

Cleaning chemicals are also tested for:

  • Cleaning performance

Spot and stain removers are also tested for:

  • Spot (stain) removal performance

Soil retardant and stain resist finishes are also tested for:

  • Influence on texture, colour, handle
  • Level of treatment (oil wicking)
  • Oil and water repellency tests
  • Soiling (Soil Retardants)
  • Staining (Stain Repellents and Stain Resist agents)

Deodorizers are also evaluated for:

  • Odour removal characteristics

Antistatic agents are also evaluated for:

  • Static dispersing characteristics

Insect resist agents are also evaluated for:

  • Insect resist characteristics

In case of specialist testing (static, insect resist, sanitising and anti-microbial), WoolSafe will accept independent Test House certification. Valid certificates must be sent with the products.

Annual re-submission

All approved products are subject to annual re-evaluation to ensure they continue to meet the CleanSeal® requirements and that any changes introduced when products are re-formulated are not detrimental to the performance of the product At this stage fewer tests are carried out than at first submission , so the charge is significantly lower.

This regular, third party quality control ensures the consistent quality of all approved products and underlines the value of the CleanSeal® Mark.

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