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The CleanSeal® Certification

The CleanSeal® performance criteria for cleaning and maintenance products for textile floor coverings are based on accumulated performance data and on internationally used standards and protocols.

The CleanSeal® performance criteria are detailed in WoolSafe Standard WS 1011, Protocol for the evaluation and accreditation of carpet cleaning chemicals for the CleanSeal Mark, Appendix B.


Testing is carried out on products diluted according to the manufacturer's instructions. If there is a range, the worst case scenario is taken; e.g. the buffering and re-soiling are done on the most concentrated form, while the cleaning effectiveness on the most diluted one.

For all products

Test for: Requirement:
Buffering If pH is below 4 or above 10, product must not be strongly buffered
Effect on colour fastness of floor coverings Must not have a detrimental effect
Evaporation residue Must be dry, preferably powdery or crystalline; waxy could be accepted if dust adhesion is minimal
(Re-)soiling characteristics (ISO 11378 - Part 1) Must not increase re-soiling after application
Hazards and other safety aspects (e.g. flammability) Must be free of safety hazards
Application instructions Must be accurate, clear and unambiguous


Additionally for cleaning chemicals

Oxidising agents Must be absent
Reducing agents Must be absent
Cleaning performance (ISO 11379) Must meet or exceed industry standard


Additionally for spot and stain removers

Reducing agents Allowed in specialist products
Oxidising agents Allowed in specialist products (e.g. oxi-spotters)
Spot (stain) removal performance (ISO 13750) Must meet or exceed industry standard


Additionally for soil retardant and stain resist finishes

Influence on texture, colour, handle Must not have any detrimental effect on texture , handle or colour of floor coverings
Level of treatment (oilwicking) Must show adequate covering of fibres
Oil and water repellency tests Must meet industry standards of repellency
Soiling (Soil Retardants) Must significantly improve soil resistance
Staining (Stain Repellents and Stain Resist agents) Must significantly improve stain repellency or stain resistance


Additionally for pile rinsing and neutralising agents

pH Must not be lower than pH 2.5


Additionally for deodorizers

Odour removal characteristics Must be able to remove objectionable odours1


Additionally for antistatic agents

Static dispersing characteristics Must be able to suppress the generation of static on floor coverings


Additionally for insect resist agents

Insect resist characteristics Must be able to resist insect infestations on floor coverings


1 Tested by WoolSafe, or WoolSafe will accept independent Test House certification

2 Valid, independent Test House certification is required

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