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The CleanSeal® Certification

Independent, widely recognised and valued certifications


By carrying the WoolSafe and CleanSeal® Mark your products are highlighted as ones that have been independently tested and meet the highest industry standards and ever increasing customer expectations.

Your products are introduced to new customers

There are several hundred WoolSafe Approved Service Providers who use approved products when cleaning wool or synthetic carpets, rugs and furnishing fabrics. This large market instantly becomes open to your product.

WoolSafe and CleanSeal® Approval for your product not only improves sales in your existing market, but opens up new ones around the world.

There are well-established networks of WoolSafe Approved Service Providers in North America, Europe, Australia, UK & Ireland with new networks getting established in the Middle East and Asia.

There are also those countless other professional cleaners and housekeepers who only stock WoolSafe and CleanSeal® Approved products in their van or utility room, because when they see the mark it tells them several important things about the product. They know it won't damage or bleach the carpet fibres, cause dye migration or rapid soiling, and it will clean effectively.

Your products are more visible

Approved products are promoted to carpet suppliers, carpet owners, professional carpet cleaners and all those responsible for carpet care in a multitude of ways.

End-users are introduced to approved products in the WoolSafe website's consumer and professional product search facility. It is easy to find the products required by category of use, and those that are available in the users' region are displayed first.

The consumer-facing WoolSafe Carpet Stain Cleaning Guide App is available to download for free on most mobile devices, and is a unique and innovative tool to aid carpet owners in spot removal. The App lists all approved products and Service Providers and connects the customer to the product or local Service Provider at the touch of a button.

The WOW Factor

The WoolSafe Organisation, in exclusive partnership with WOW Warranty Ltd and a number of leading carpet manufacturers, developed Wool Owners Warranty, a carpet maintenance and free spot removal service for wool carpet owners. This initiative is set to become the industry-wide standard warranty for wool carpets and will, we believe, corner the wool carpet care market in the years to come.

All carpet maintenance and spot removal products used in carrying out Wool Owner's Wa1Tanty work must be Woo/Safe Approved.

Your products are recommended by carpet manufacturers

Carpet Manufacturer names 3 greens

Your product's WoolSafe or CleanSeal® Approval is promoted in the media around the world

The WoolSafe Organisation writes articles that feature in several publications every month. These articles promote WoolSafe and CleanSeal® Approved products and services in both the industry and consumer media, leading to excellent awareness of the WoolSafe and CleanSeal® marks among consumers as well as professional cleaners.

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