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The CleanSeal® Certification

cleansealWhat is CleanSeal® certification?

CleanSeal® certification is a testing and accreditation programme for maintenance products suitable for use on carpets and rugs (and other interior textiles) made from synthetic fibres, and is underwritten and operated by The WoolSafe® Organisation.

It is available world-wide to manufacturers and suppliers of cleaning chemicals, spot removers, soil and stain resist treatments and other products used to maintain or enhance the performance and/or appearance of carpets and rugs.

What are the benefits of CleanSeal® certification?

CleanSeal® certification is -

  • a crucial independent confirmation of a cleaning product’s performance, safety and suitability-for-purpose;
  • an important assurance to users (professional cleaners and consumers) of the quality of the product;
  • an essential prerequisite for products subsequently to be submitted for environmental testing and accreditation.

Which products could qualify for CleanSeal® certification

All products intended for the cleaning, maintenance or enhancement of man-made fibre floor coverings, and which have the following characteristics:

  • industry-standard performance for the purpose for which they are intended
  • no adverse effect on re-soiling
  • no adverse effect on the colour
  • within safe pH limits
  • non-hazardous or other safety-related issues
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